Small Animal Veterinary Services

NOTE: There will be a Canine/Feline Comprehensive Visit of $45 on all patient visits excluding Surgeries and Vaccinations. For these services, a $25 Canine/Feline Wellness Exam would apply.

Note: Surgical Procedures
All new patients are required to have a pre-surgical exam within 30 days of their surgical procedure. This exam needs to be performed before the day of surgery.  A surgical consult fee of $40 will apply.

Save time… Download and print our Surgical Consent Form and bring it to your appointment.

Canine – Dog Procedures
Feline – Cat Procedures
Cat Neuter$90
Dog Spay Under 6 Months$160Cat Spay Under 6 months$135-165
Dog Spay Over 6 Months Under 75#$185-310Cat Spay Over 6 Months/In Heat/Pregnant$165
Dog Spay Over 75 to 129# (under 1 year)$265-310
Dog Spay 1-4 Years$265-310Declaw* w/Surgery$110
Dog Spay Over 5 Years, In Heat/Pregnant/Over 120 Pounds$310Declaw* Front & Back w/Surgery$135
Declaw* Fronts Only$165
Dog Neuter Under 6 Months$125Declaw* Backs Only$165
Dog Neuter Over 6 months Old and under 75 Pounds$150Declaw* Fronts & Backs Only$200
Dog Neuter Over 75 Pounds$185Neuter & Declaw* Front Feet$200
 Pain Medication$15-30*All Declaws Need
Antibiotic Injection
Pain Medication$15-20
Canine Rabies/Distemper/Wellness Exam$61Rabies/Distemper/Wellness Exam$61
Canine General Anesthesia$85Feline General Anesthesia$85
Canine Dental Procedure W/Anesthesia$240-$320 + extractions ($5-$50ea)Feline Dental Procedure W/Anesthesia$240-$320 + extractions ($5-$50ea)
Surgery Per Hour$400Surgery Per Hour$400.00
Laser Surgery/Hour$500Laser Surgery/Hour$500.00

All animals admitted must be current on their vaccinations and must be free of external parasites. Any animal found to have fleas or ticks will be treated at the owner’s expense. Unless medical records are provided, vaccinations will also be updated at the owners expense.